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 Liability Release form

This Liability Release Form (hereinafter called the “Release”) is executed by and between, Luminary Life Joint-Stock Company, Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as "Luminary"), and the customer (“Customer”).


Whereas: Luminary is in the travel and leisure business and, as part of the services it provides to its customers, it runs transport, accommodation, excursions, tours and organize activities, classes, programs, workshops and physical activities; 

Whereas: The Customer wishes to partake in one or more of the services offered by Luminary; and 

Whereas: Luminary is willing to enter into an arrangement with the Customer under the following specific condition:


  1. The Customer understands that it is their responsibility to consult a physician before participating in activities and classes, programs or workshops if needed. The Customers understand that as with any physical activity there are risks associated with the activities and classes offered during any of Luminary’s events.

  2. The Customer understands that it is their responsibility to fully disclose any and all known medical and other conditions prior or existing that may impact their health or ability to participate in the activities and classes to Luminary in the pre-retreat form. In case such information is highly confidential, the Customer may notify Luminary’s management in writing to the following email address:

  3. The Customer accepts the authority of Luminary’s instructors, guides, staff and management and follows all rules without exception while participating in a Luminary program

  4. The Customer agrees that if they cannot complete any section of the program due to lack of physical ability/suitability, they will be declined to participate in that particular section at the discretion of Luminary.  

  5. The Customer agrees Luminary will not be responsible for any costs associated with booking alternative travel arrangements including hotels, flights, bus tickets or train tickets, if the program is delayed and does not finish according to the dates/times as detailed on the program itinerary, or the Customer is declined to continue or participate in the program due to lack of physical ability/suitability. 

  6. The Customer agrees to be fully responsible for the equipment (if any) provided to them by Luminary, and for their replacement costs if their equipment is lost or misplaced. 

  7. The Customer understands, acknowledges and agrees that wellness and physical activities such as yoga, stretching, jogging, running, dancing, cycling, etc. carry inherent risk factors and that dangers exist which are not related to safety equipment provided by Luminary. The Customer agrees that Luminary cannot be held in any way responsible for any property damage, bodily harm, injury or death the Customer may sustain, either directly or indirectly, resulting from or in connection with any services provided by Luminary. 

  8. The Customer acknowledges Luminary will not accept responsibility or liability for any Customer who contravenes any laws or regulations of Vietnam or any country where the program is organized. 

  9. The Customer understands that Luminary may deem it advisable to amend an itinerary, and it may do so by varying or completely rerouting any tour from the scheduled itinerary. In this case, the Customer will make no objection or claim for compensation from Luminary. 

  10. The Customer acknowledges the recommendation to have purchased a comprehensive travel insurance package covering medical treatment, natural disaster, personal accidents, medical evacuation, tour cancellation and damage to their personal property (including valuable items). 

  11. The Customer hereby releases, cancels, forgives and forever discharges Luminary, and each of its directors, officers, heirs, successors and assigns in all capacities whatsoever, from all actions, claims, demands, damages, obligations, liabilities, controversies and executions, of any kind or nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, whether suspected or not, which have arisen, or may have arisen, or shall arise, and the Customer does specifically waive any claim or right to assert any cause of action or alleged case of action or claim or demand which has, through oversight or error intentionally or unintentionally or through a mutual mistake, been omitted from this Release.  

  12. The Customer understands and acknowledges that they are fully responsible for any and all risks, injuries, or damages known and unknown which might occur as a result of their participation in the classes, workshops or other activities. 

  13. The Customer agrees to the provisions of this Release and its recitals must be read as a whole and are not severable and/or separately enforceable by either party hereto.

  14. The Customer agrees to give permission for Luminary to use their photographs, video footage or electronic images in all forms taken during the Luminary program, for media, advertising, and all other lawful purposes without compensation. The Customer understands that they may withdraw their consent at any time. The Customer also understands that given the permanence nature of the Internet, revoking their consent does not mean the removal of all online images.
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  15. The Customer has read the above Release and waiver of liability and fully understands its contents. The Customer is legally competent to agree on their own to the terms of this Release Form


Luminary and the Customer mutually agree to implement this Release Form.

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