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3 Wellness Destinations In Vietnam For Your Next Getaway

What better way than starting one's journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation in lush, scenic nature - breathtaking mountains, calm waters, sun-drenched beaches, or tropical gardens? Destination Deluxe has recently named the eight best wellness getaway vacations in Vietnam.

Luminary Wellness is honoured to be featured twice with our two recent projects on this prestigious list, which comprises the creme-de-la-creme destinations, in the most pristine, charming natural settings.

See Destination Deluxe's full listing here.

TIA Wellness Resort

TIA Wellness Resort, ranked first on the list, is located in Danang City, Central Vietnam. The resort, nestled on the beautiful pristine beachfront with private pool villas, combines authentic well-being with understated luxury. TIA Wellness Resort has also been nominated for three categories in the Destination Deluxe 2021 Awards:

  • New Spa of Year

  • Wellness Programme of the Year

  • Wellness Cuisine of the Year

TIA's Wellness Inclusive Program, which was created together with the A Luminary Life team, places each individual’s inner discovery at the heart of the retreat activities. The Retreat Inclusive program is holistic in the way that it is designed to help people unlock the gates to their inner world, tapping into creativity, finding a sense of purpose, and regaining inner stillness and balance. Guests will learn to improve their eating habits, breathe to regulate their system, and find mindfulness through movement.

Explore the world of TIA Wellness.

Mekong Wellness Cruise

Mekong Wellness Cruise, part of the Luminar Retreats wellness project designed by Luminary Wellness and launched in 2022, earned its third place on the list. The Cruise offers wellness programmes to unearth one's deep inner healing as they embark on a self-discovery journey, set against the rustic, charming backdrop of the Mekong River. You will cruise through the mighty river onboard the Victoria Mekong Cruise, which was launched in 2019, while enjoying activities to improve your personal growth and discover your true self. Be it yoga sessions aboard the cruise nature excursions, sunset meditations or savouring nutritious food, the activities are tailored to help you reach deeper within and find true relaxation and balance.

See dates for Mekong Wellness Cruise Retreats here.

It's also worth mentioning Luminary Wellness’ latest project which is set to open soon.

Namia River Sanctuary

Located on a private island in Hoi An, the Central destination famous for its ancient port town and lush green rice fields, Namia River Sanctuary is set to elevate wellness in Vietnam. The eco-chic concept comprises pool villas with private spa salas, bio-pool and a plant-based cafe. During your stay, you can learn about Vietnamese herbalism, while enjoying the all-inclusive experience at the Wellness & Herbology Centre.

Discover the concept of Namia Sanctuary

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