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5 Reset Codes to elevate your life in 2023

With every new year, comes time for reflection and resetting our intentions. However, if you find setting a list of new year resolutions such a daunting task, we recommend simplifying and allowing yourself to set fewer, achievable goals.

We've recently learned some valuable lessons, tips and techniques to reset our mind and bodies, to free ourselves from limiting beliefs in The Reset Code; a programme by Master Anil Chandwani. Here are our 5 personal favourite Reset Codes to help you take charge of your life and live fully in 2023.

1. Reset the way you listen

The understanding - Often, when we listen to others, we listen to respond, not to understand or learn. It may be because we already have preconceptions and biases about certain matters and about someone. It may be because we feel the need to be prepared for questions, or to anticipate what to say next. By doing so, we have already blocked ourselves from learning.

“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.” - Stephen R. Covey

The practise - This year, reset your listening habit, and practice active listening by simply making a commitment: “When I'm listening, I will learn something from this person.”

Here are a few tips to help you practise active listening:

  • Face the speaker, and have eye contact

  • Try to listen without any judgement

  • Don't interrupt the speaker mid-sentence

  • Focus, listen to learn something about - or from - the speaker

The benefit - We build deeper and more meaningful connections with those around us.

2. Be present

The understanding - More often than not, if we are aware, we’d find that our mind tends to wander off to some distant lands. It NEVER stays exactly in the present moment.

47% of people were thought to not be present in the moment. Imagine if your life wasshortened by 50% due to a sudden illness, you would start taking your life very seriously. However, we're still going by our lives without full awareness. When we are not aware of every moment as it comes, we lose 50% of our life by lack of presence.

The practise - When you catch yourself lost in thoughts, ask yourself this:

<Own name>, where are you? Are you present?

Be present in where life is happening. Be present with the body - the body is where you are. Meditation is not about the mind, but about the presence in the body.

The benefit - Being present allows you to truly enjoy life in the moment, leaving aside the burdens of the past or the worries of the future.

3. Form new habits with small steps

The understanding - It takes consistency and patience to create a new habit, especially when your daily schedule is already full. To make it easier to form a new habit, taking small steps every day will work wonders.

Try breaking the routine into small, achievable steps. After accomplishing each small step, reward yourself. This sets a reward system for the brain. When we do something consciously, the brain releases a double dose of dopamine - the hormone of happiness.

The practise - If you've been struggling to form a new habit, we recommend the 4-7-14-21 method.

For example: You're new to meditation and you would like to meditate more regularly.

Start by meditating for 10 minutes at a time over 4 - 7 - 14 - 21 days.

  • 4 days: the time needed for new connections to be formed in the brain. The first 4 days are usually the hardest, since we tend to resist anything new. We need to break the patterns and go over our comfort zone.

  • 7 days: time to reset the brain. The mind will try to block your progress, since it chooses misery of the known over fear of the unknown. Tell yourself: “I know it's going to be difficult, and I am choosing to do it anyway.”

  • 14 days: by this time, the body starts to take charge and changes to accommodate the new habit.

  • 21 days: the body fully integrates with the newly-formed habit, and you can start enjoying the benefits of change.

The benefit - Creating new healthy habits is no longer a daunting task. When you accomplish small, achievable goals, it will give you a much-needed confidence boost.

4. Stop comparison and judgement

The understanding - Comparison and the need for competition are recipes for misery. We tend to compare ourselves to others as a means to identify ourselves. It is also very common for people under stress and anxiety to compare ourselves negatively to others.

The practise - This year, vow to stop judgement of anybody, and stop being caught up in comparison with others. It is critical to acknowledge your own uniqueness. Instead of saying, “I am not good enough", say this:

“I am unique. You are unique. In this moment I have everything I need.”

Recite this mantra as often as you need whenever you feel caught up in comparison, judgement, or competition. Remember, relationships should be based on accepting each other and our own uniqueness, not based on comparison or what is lacking.

The benefit - Practicing self-embrace and stopping judgement help to reduce ambiguity and anxiety. We will learn to accept t ourselves authentically, thus creating real relationship bonds based on respect and acceptance.

5. Forgive yourself and others

The understanding - We often find it difficult to forgive and forget or in other words, we don't fully let go of the emotions and memories associated with past faults and keep carrying guilt.

Over time, these stored emotions can lead to more anger and other mental and physical health issues. When we truly forgive and forget, we will experience healing and peace.

The practise - This year, practice loving compassion towards everyone, including yourself. Commit to forgiving, even if you cannot forget yet. You will be taking the first step towards healing. Once you truly forgive, forgetting happens naturally.

The benefit - The art of forgiveness can have tremendous positive effects on our well-being, help build healthier relationships, and improve our mental health. Practicing forgiveness and compassion will create a long-lasting inner peace that no one can take away from you.

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