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Wellness Retreats 101: Everything you need to know about your next big adventure in life

Travel has changed dramatically since the pandemic began in 2020, encouraging us to be more mindful about how and why we experience a new place. It’s natural that a greater focus on health and wellness is reflected in the types of getaways offered, catering to a growing need for safety and self-care.

Guests seek greater value from their trips, and wellness retreats are an ideal way to incorporate elements of the traditional holiday, such as adventure and exploration, while introducing well-being gently through nourishing meals and conscious movement. Guidance from a team of experts on healthy habits to take home is conducive to a more enriching stay.

“Wellness retreats are designed instead to offer a haven of relaxation where the main focus is you and your needs."

What is a wellness retreat?

Have you ever felt like you need a holiday after you’ve just had one? Sometimes hours of travel coupled with dining out, late nights and endless sightseeing can be exhausting. Wellness retreats are designed instead to offer a haven of relaxation where the main focus is you and your needs.

While beautiful destinations are part of the restorative journey, the idea is more about ‘being’ than ‘seeing’. It’s likely you’ll only need to unpack once and spend time settling into your home away from home, rather than ticking tourist spots off the list. The pace is leisurely — think morning strolls in nature or an afternoon massage — rather than shopping ‘til you drop.

There’s no jam packed itinerary on a wellness retreat, instead, you will have the time and space to set your own routine and ritual, easing into your surroundings. While there will be plenty to see and do, having the rare gift of time to yourself is often where the greatest exploration lies. Make time for journaling or soaking in a leisurely bath, life’s luxuries which are too often forgotten in our everyday lives. Perhaps your retreat will make it a habit that sticks.

Why join one?

If your objective is to create lasting change, a wellness retreat is a great way to kickstart the process. Perhaps you are feeling burnt out at work, have been through a traumatic situation or simply feel stuck in life. This calls for more than just a holiday, which may offer a quick fix, yet leave you feeling no different at the end of it. Maybe you have reached a crossroads and are looking for direction, or simply want to feel healthier and more energized — a wellness retreat can provide fresh insights to clear any bottlenecks in your life, whether physical or emotional.

Being guided by a team of wellness experts can provide clarity to look at your life from a new perspective, with greater intuition and authenticity. At the very least, you will benefit from a holistic approach to nutrition, movement and mindfulness. Depending on the retreat theme, you will learn tools and techniques to improve a specific area of your life by attending workshops hosted by a knowledgeable team of professionals.

Beyond this, you may reconnect with your inner feelings and a sense of purpose that could lead to an inspiring new path. Think of it as a gift to yourself of time and space to escape your hectic life at home, slow down and savor stillness. It’s an opportunity to take yourself on an adventure that connects you to nature and self-exploration.

The next step to wellness

If you’ve decided to embark on a personal adventure by joining a wellness retreat, here are a few tips to set you up for an enriching, transformative experience:

  • Be open-minded and embrace change

  • Let go of any expectations, just enjoy the ride!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for support

  • Be ready to take charge of your own life and happiness

  • Enjoy free time and do anything that sparks joy whether it’s drawing, reading or journaling

  • Try to minimize use of technology so you can focus on connecting with nature and yourself

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