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Wellness Series #2 - Making Time For Inner Stillness

Technology has made today’s urban lifestyle undeniably easier, faster and more convenient — but it’s also sped up the pace of life so much that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. We’ve all had those days where we feel like we are treading water to stay on top of to-do lists, tasks, emails and texts, all while trying to maintain personal balance.

Whether at the office or in our homes, being ‘busy’ is often praised due to its association with productivity and efficiency. Getting a lot done in a little time is seen as dedication, even if it feels like we are constantly chasing our tails. Keeping up a whirlwind pace can be unsustainable, and can lead to burnout as we become competitive and strive for perfectionism.

Stress and anxiety can lead to a host of other physical and emotional effects, from disordered sleep to digestive issues and low self-esteem, underlining the importance of finding calm in our lives. Tapping into the stillness within ourselves allows serenity to be accessible at all times.

How to find inner stillness? Meditation.

Studies indicate that meditation not only positively impacts mind an body, but actually rewires the brain. It can produce a deep state of relaxation and help to clear the information overload we experience daily, which contributes to stress. There are many types of meditation, but all you really need is a quiet space free from distraction, a comfortable posture, focus and an attitude of openness.

Here are just some of the physical and emotional benefits of introducing meditation into your day:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Increased focus and productivity

  • Enhanced compassion/self-compassion

  • Improved concentration and decision-making

  • More able to process new information, remember and regulate emotions

Sound good? Let’s get started….

  1. Find a calm, quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Choose a position that you can sit comfortably in for a while.

  2. In the beginning, it may be helpful to set a timer for five to 10 minutes, and gradually work your way towards sitting for longer periods.

  3. Focus on your breath and the sensations in your body. Simply observe your thoughts, letting them go without reacting to them, and being kind to yourself if your mind starts to wander

  4. Take a moment to reflect on how you feel physically and emotionally afterwards. Think of it as checking in on yourself, the same you would with a friend or loved one.

Meditation is just one way to find calm in a chaotic world.

Here are some other easy ways to find a moment of peace

  • Mindful walk — meditation on the move! A change of scene can offer a fresh perspective. Better still, leave your phone at home so you can pay attention to what’s going on around you.

  • Take a deep breath. Focusing on breathing can anchor a busy mind. Slowing down the breath gives the mind no choice but to follow.

  • Practice gratitude. It’s easy to get wrapped up in negative thoughts when things aren’t going our way. Redirecting your attention to all the things in life you are grateful for can promote a sense of peace.

If you would like to learn more about finding inner calm, Lumina Retreats are a great starting point to introduce mindfulness in a setting of natural beauty. Our journeys are designed to help you connect with yourself through movement, nutrition and wellness workshops that equip you with tools to navigate your day seamlessly, no matter what happens in your life.

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